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    • Location Details

      One of the most important transportation characteristics of Zorlu Center, which is the first 5 functional project in Turkey, is that it has a Helipad.

      Zorlu Center Heliport falls in the area of responsibility of Atatürk Airport Traffic Control Zone and First Unified Air Command Center. Zorlu Center Helipad is an elevated type helipad located on Zorlu Center Raffles Hotel Building at Levazım Mahallesi Koru Sokak No: 2 Beşiktaş / Istanbul, and its coordinates are 41° 03' 57.40""N (North) and 29° 01' 50.10""E (East). The height of Helipad from sea is 230,74 meters.

    • Properties

      Helipad was made of 32,20 m diameter steel construction and has 7 tons (7000 KG) bearing capacity (1.5 m width except for safety area). Helipad in H2 Category is a round space that has 32 meters of movement area. Contact and load bearing area have 24 meter diameter and 50 cm width and are marked by yellow.

    • Use Information

      Unless any limitation or restriction is notified by Zorlu Tesis Yönetim A.Ş.; Zorlu Center Helipad is suitable for use between the sunrise and sunset hours by the helicopters of type, weight and performance specified in the national and international legislations in accordance with the visual flight rules (VFR).

      Zorlu Center Helipad is used only for landing and take-off. The company that operates the helicopter is responsible for ensuring safety, take-off and opening the space for operations in the fastest way in case helicopters have to park in the helipad area for a shorter period of time for any reason and by the consent of Zorlu Center Helipad Operation Management.
      There are no impediments around the heliport that might prevent landing and take-off.
      During the helipad use request process, the company wishing to use the helipad must notify Zorlu Center Helipad Control Center about its request and get confirmation at least 2 (two) hours in advance on weekdays and at least 6 (six) hours in advance on official and religious holidays.

      Helipad users who obtained landing or take-off approval will be deemed to have agreed to comply with the requirements of Zorlu Center Operating Guideline after they obtain the approval properly.

      Commercial Schedule

      For commercial schedule details, you can send a request to zc.heliped@zorlu.com.

      Initiating a Request to Use Zorlu Center Helipad and Approval Process

      Helipad use request is initiated by sending a fax to 0212 353 66 69 or e-mail to zc.heliped@zorlu.com.

      The following documents must be accompanied by the request:

      • Copy of the 3rd party financial liability insurance policy for the helicopter,
      • Flight details registration schedule,
      • Receipt for the payment of the fee,
      • Invoice details must be provided.
      • Verbal confirmation must be obtained by calling Zorlu Center Helipad Control Center at telephone number 0212 924 01 33 - 0212 924 01 34 in respect of the request made.
      • After the documentation related to the request made, use of Helipad and convenience of time is reviewed, Zorlu Center Helipad Control Center will send an Approval letter by e-mail and then, the request for use of Helipad will be finalized.

      Please click here to download the flight details registration schedule.

    • Contact Details

      Zorlu Center Helipad Control Center Contact Details

      Telephone: 0212 924 01 33 - 0212 924 01 34
      Fax: 0 212 353 66 69 E-mail: zc.heliped@zorlu.com