When does Zorlu Shopping Mall open and close?

Zorlu Shopping Mall is open from 10.00 to 22.00 on 7 days a week. 


How could I receive information about the booth areas at Zorlu Shopping Mall and lease conditions?

Please contact us via our contact details to received information about available booth areas at Zorlu Shopping Mall and applicable conditions for lease. 


I would like to work at the stores at Zorlu Shopping Mall. What should I do?

Zorlu Shopping Mall Management does not have any influence on human resource processes of the stores. Therefore, we recommend you to make an application to the relevant company directly.


How could I get to Zorlu Shopping Mall?

Situated right at the heart of Istanbul, Zorlu Shopping Mall is walking distance to Levazım and Zincirlikuyu. The tunnel with subway and metrobus connections ensures easy transportation to Zorlu. All visitors coming from Ulus, Levent, Levazım, Barbaros and Zincirlikuyu may reach Zorlu by following direction signs.


What should I do to receive updates about the events?

You may visit our webpage or Facebook -Twitter- Instagram accounts for information about the events organized and to be organized by Zorlu Center or else you may sign up to receive e-bulletins about the events.


How many movie theaters are there at Zorlu Shopping Mall?

Zorlu Shopping Mall provides an extraordinary movie experience to cinephiles thanks to Cinemaximum which operates totally 8 movie theaters  for 1,200 pax each.


What is the parking lot capacity at Zorlu Shopping Mall? Is there any valet service?

Zorlu Shopping Mall boasts of a parking lot capacity of 2200 vehicles. You may deliver your car to valets at the valet points available in Zincirlikuyu and Levazım entrances. Please call the number provided to you during delivery so that the car shall be made ready before your departure based on your order.