The success story of Zorlu Holding which has a very significant place in Turkish economy with the size of its production, export and employment figures and competitive edge in world markets started in Denizli Babadağ in early 1950s. 


Zorlu Holding succeeded in becoming one of the biggest enterprises in Turkey in the 2000s and its operations include textile, real estate, electronics and energy. As of 2006, Zorlu Holding operates in the following four main business lines. 

• Home textile, polyester yarn
• Electronic products, information technologies and durable consumer goods
• Real Estate
• Energy production


Zorlu Holding continued to grow in home textile until the 1980s and created TAÇ, which is recognized as the leader brand in home textile in Turkey, under the organization of Zorlu Holding Textile Group. It acquired Vestel Elektronik in 1994. The Holding started to operate in energy sector with Zorlu Energy Company in 1996 and increased the number of its companies. In 2006, it entered Real Estate sector. 


With its up to 50 companies and approximately 30.000 employees, Zorlu Holding is currently working for the future of Turkey and living quality of the Turkish people.